Feed-addicted news junkies have another reason to hit that "Tap to update" button. Google appears to be testing a change to the fickle feature-foisting framework which provides expandable topics filled with more articles on a given news category, accessible via the labeled tags above each.

Google's Feed has changed dramatically since the days we called it "Google Now," and that pace of change seems to be picking up in recent months. From a new design filled with bubbles and wasted space, disappearing text, and a home button added to Google Now Launcher, to the entirely unwelcome addition of advertisements, the Feed is a far cry from what it was. The latest addition of topically-categorized pages may actually be a useful improvement, though.

Tap the new topic titles to the top left of a card (left), and you get taken to a whole page of articles about the topic (right).

The change was first spotted by 9to5Google. For a long time, Article cards in the feed have had topical categories which describe them in the top left, but some time in the last 24 hours a subtle tweak was rolled out via the almost unnoticeable addition of a small arrow. Tap the new topic titles if you see it, and you'll be taken to a new page with a list of other articles related to that category.

For example, tap the Android label on a card, and you'll see other Android news.

Non-expandable topics (left), the new expandable topics with the arrow (right).

The only visual indicator for this change is the addition of that tiny arrow to the right side of a given topic's title. The new page it leads to isn't associated with an updated app, either. In fact, I've been able to trigger it on some of my devices by simply refreshing the Feed, though YMMV.