A frank description of the V35 (and LG, in general, these days) covers the range from merely uninspired and derivative to actively disingenuous. Case in point: A mere 5 days after the $900 V35 was announced, AT&T is already selling it as part of a buy-one-get-one offer for Father's Day. At an effective $450 each with a multiple-year commitment, the value is still debatable.


With the original ~$900 price, LG and AT&T were certainly swinging for the fences (to put it kindly). This BOGO offer brings the effective cost of a V35 down closer to where it probably should have launched at to begin with. The promotion applies over 30 months of bill credits with a $30 activation, presumably per device. It also requires an unlimited or "Mobile Share Flex" plan for you to get it. You can also offset things even further with AT&T's trade-in offer, which can provide up to $400 in bill credits.