As of last night, you can no longer download Mistwalker Corporation's tile-based RPG Terra Battle 2 if you live in the US, even if you've installed the game before. Considering this title was only recently released in the US at the tail end of last year, this announcement is a bit of a surprise. At the very least you can still play if you already have it installed, as the service will be up until September 3rd. Past that date, the game will be totally dead in North America.

It would seem today isn't a great day for mobile games. I already wrote a piece about Square Enix halting further development of their GO games, and now Mistwalker Corporation is getting in on the fun by announcing the failure of Terra Battle 2 in the US and its subsequent shutdown.

So if you'd like to know more, I have pasted the most important bits from the official cancellation notice right below.

▼10:00 PM PDT on June 3, 2018
・Shutdown notice (this notice) is posted
・Sale of Super Energy is halted
・North American versions of the Terra Battle 2 Android and iOS apps are removed from their respective stores
*Once removed from the Android/iOS app stores, the app cannot be re-installed after deletion. Should you intend to continue playing until the shutdown, please be careful not delete the app by mistake.
*If you had not updated to the latest version before the app was removed from the Android/iOS stores, then you may not be able to play past this date.

▼10:00 PM PDT on September 3, 2018
・Service for the North American Android and iOS versions of Terra Battle 2 is shut down
・Customer support for the North American version of Terra Battle 2 is no longer offered
*The game cannot be played past this date.
*Player data and Energy cannot be shared or transferred between the North American version and the Japanese version
(and vice versa).

➡Regarding Normal and Super Energy
Normal and Super Energy in your possession can continue to be used until service for the game is shut down. Any unused Normal and Super Energy that remains at the time of shutdown will be forfeit, so please use it before then.

As you can see, this is just the start of the process with the release of this announcement and the removal of the game from the North American Play Store. The final nail in the coffin will be on September 3rd when the US service is officially shut down. From what I can tell players in Japan will still be able to access the download and play as they like. Apparently, Terra Battle 2 has performed much better in the East. Still, it's sad to see any removal from the store, even if the title was just another casual free-to-play RPG awash in a sea of similar mediocrity.