If you have a G Suite account as your primary Google account, you've probably run into issue after issue over the past few years. Google Assistant doesn't admit you exist, some new Google features roll to you last, and it seems like Google's active mission every day is to make your life a little more miserable than the day before. Trust me, I read the tips emails we get, I know it's bad. And here's one more thing to add to your list of frustrations: G Suite users have had trouble redeeming codes on Google Play since mid-May and Google has nearly turned a deaf ear to the situation.

Many users who have tried to redeem a code on Google Play with a G Suite account are seeing the error above. There's a lengthy thread on the Google Play Help Forum with reports of the issue starting on May 16. The most frequent situation is for movie codes, which is understandable because they're the easiest codes to obtain when buying physical DVDs to movies through other sources. But other users are saying they get this error with apps and music too.

Help Forum moderators were trying to get to the root of the problem first, then a template answer started being given, repeatedly. The gist is: use a regular Gmail account because promo codes are supported there, but they're not a valid payment method for G Suite accounts. Users are understandably angry.

Redeeming codes used to work before on G Suite, it just suddenly stopped without a notice or warning. And the solution of redeeming on a personal Gmail account isn't viable for those who have amassed a huge library of content on their G Suite account. It doesn't help that G Suite is saying this is a Google Play issue, Google Play is saying the opposite, and companies you buy DVDs or other content from with promo codes are saying this is Google's problem, not theirs.

Once again, this feels like an instance of Google solving something by blindsiding users and pretending it isn't an issue. Instead of coming right out and saying, "beloved G Suite users, here's a way to roll back to a regular Gmail account," or even, "beloved G Suite users, we highly recommend you switch what you can to a regular Gmail account to get our best features, we're sorry we've let you down but we can't keep up," Google is passive-aggressively forcing you to move without admitting it wants you to. Like every bad romantic comedy plot where one partner forces the other to break up with them by being a completely obnoxious jerk.

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