BlackBerry's KEYone successor, the KEY2, is set to be announced in a few days on June 7th. But it turns out that we won't have to wait to get a good look at the KEY2, as serial leaker Evan Blass has just published some press images revealing every angle of the phone.

As we already knew from an official teaser, the KEY2 has a dual camera setup and a special keyboard button, both of which are visible in these shots. The metal frame and (likely) soft-touch back have returned from the KEYone, though the top bezel on the front is now glass instead of metal.

Also carried over from the KEYone is the bottom-mounted speaker system. The power button has been moved to the right, meaning that the left is empty now. The Convenience Key sits below the power button. There's not much to say about the UI, which looks to be what we've come to expect from BlackBerry under TCL.

These photos obviously don't show anything spec-wise, but we've heard that the KEY2 could be getting a Snapdragon 660 chipset and a boost to 6GB of RAM. None of that is concrete, but hey, the official announcement is just three days away.

Blass has now revealed the KEY2 in black, which looks pretty sinister. I prefer the silver accents myself, but the blackout is definitely nice.