We do a lot of smart home reviews here at Android Police, and quite a lot of that hardware is conveniently compatible with Google's Assistant. That makes it easy for those already invested in Google's ecosystem to configure a home with everything from smart locks to lights and cameras, all together with the same ease of use and flexibility the Assistant (usually) provides. But there are also many people that don't find them to be worth it, for a variety of reasons. So we're curious: How many of you use smart home hardware with Google's Assistant?

The cost of smart home goods is quickly dropping as the market is saturated. Just recently, Wyze Cam introduced a $30 pan and tilt 1080p security camera, but for that diminished price also comes a lack of Assistant support. Many of our readers spend a bit extra for Assistant-integrated products—like Nest's recently improved goods.

Some people eschew these smart goods for many reasons, such as cost and entirely valid security concerns. Even so, many companies are sure that the convenience of these new technologies is worth the associated risks, and some of us here at AP have homes nearly filled to the brim with the appliances, paired with Assistant-equipped phones and Google Homes.

What about you? Do you just use the Assistant to cast content to an Android TV, or have you entirely switched over to voice-controlled ambiance and climate?

Do you use Assistant with any smart home devices?

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