From time to time, Spotify will ask its users about various things relating to the service. I had personally been putting off a survey asking for my thoughts on the home screen for a couple of days. However, a reader recently received a much more interesting survey question: whether a data-only mobile plan by Spotify would be something he/she would be interested in.

The survey first asked for our tipster's race and whether or not he/she is paying for their own data plan, then popped the big question you see in the screenshot above. The $30/month plan in question would include "unlimited 4G data" (it's not clear if it's LTE) and a Spotify Premium subscription, but not "normal" voice calls and texts. This would presumably be accomplished via an MVNO-type deal, à la Project Fi or Ting.

Our tipster mentions that the lack of calls and texts would definitely be a turn-off, a sentiment that we suspect many will sympathize with. There are data-only alternatives out there, but the average person either isn't aware or won't want to switch from something they're so familiar with. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

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