Given Fortnite's current hotness, we understand if you've been scouring the web for an APK to download onto your phone. After all, Epic Games said that Fortnite would be making its way to Android this summer, and it's basically summer at this point. But be forewarned: Fortnite is not out on Android yet, and anything you see claiming to be a Fortnite APK is a scam.

A Google search will reveal more than a few Fortnite Android scams out there, and they're all over YouTube as well. Some, like the one you see above (and below), have actually purchased advertisement space on YouTube to further deceive people. Most of them can be easily spotted from their broken English and generally crappy web design, but it wouldn't be difficult for anyone who isn't a complete idiot to make something more convincing.

(The video has been pulled by YouTube.)

Our own Corbin filed a support request with Namecheap, the registrar of (the website of the video above), but Namecheap was unable to do anything about it. Using VirusTotal on that site's "Fortnite" APK yielded one high-confidence issue detected, and someone in the site's comments section says that the app steals Fortnite accounts. We've discovered several other Fortnite scams, too, with some posing as legitimate Fortnite sites and others providing tutorials and false APKs, and we wouldn't be surprised if the same account info was being stolen by them as well.

It turns out that the same fake APK is being posted in most places and that it doesn't try to steal your Fortnite login info, instead simply leading to one of those survey sites. Thanks, Kieron.

When Fortnite for Android is actually released by Epic Games, you'll know from all of the media coverage. We'll also be uploading the APK to APK Mirror. But until then, don't download anything calling itself Fortnite that isn't from a source you know is 100% reputable.