Unicode 11.0 will be officially released on Tuesday, June 5th. The only part of that most people care about is the new emojis that will come with it. While it would be great if the Unicode Consortium could push these new emojis directly to your favorite communication platforms, it has to wait on vendors to push out their own emoji updates (that sounds familiar). Thankfully, we've been through this enough to have reasonable expectations for when Emoji 11.0 will hit Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other popular platforms.

Emoji 11.0, which is essentially a subset of Unicode 11.0, includes 66 new emoji code points. Of these new additions, 62 are emojis you'll eventually see on your keyboard (e.g., parrot, llama, mango, bagel, softball, teddy bear) and four are "emoji components" for red hair, curly hair, bald head, and white hair for man and woman emojis with various skin tones.

Based on past releases, Emojipedia offers a projected timeline for when major vendors will roll out their next emoji updates, which will likely include Emoji 11.0:

  • June-August 2018: Twitter, EmojiOne, Facebook, Microsoft
  • September-December 2018: Google, Apple
  • January-February 2019: Samsung

Emojipedia notes that WhatsApp released its first set of emojis in 2017, which makes it difficult to project when it will release its next set.

Candidates for Emoji 12.0, which were announced last month, include mechanical arms and legs, a pinching hand, and a guide dog. A flamingo and white heart, apparently two of the most requested emojis this year, are also on the list of new emojis to be released in 2019.