We only just learned of the Snapdragon 710 a little over a week ago, but OEMs always learn of these things far before us consumers. According to a tweet by Roland Quandt of WinFuture, Google may be using the new mid-range chipset from Qualcomm in the rumored mid-range Pixel phone.

Quandt says that Google is working on a "mobile" device (his emphasis) with the Snapdragon 710 for release in H1 of 2019, further elaborating that it may be an upcoming mid-range Pixel phone. In a follow-up tweet, he says that he doesn't know if there is one planned for 2018 (though we had heard of one potentially being released in July or August of this year), he doesn't know any more specifics on the device, and hardware development for it only began about a month ago.

Whether we have to wait about a month or until next year, a mid-range Pixel phone from Google is seeming more and more likely. But the real question is: will it have a notch?