ZeroLemon, an industry leader in battery cases, has released its high-capacity models for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. These cases not only pack a lot of battery life, but offer a great deal of impact protection. You can even add more functionality by purchasing the compatible belt clip, making it great for use on work sites, outdoor activities, and anywhere else you want protection and ease of access.

If you want the absolute maximum battery life from your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, this is the case you're looking for. With an 8000 mAh battery built into the case, you nearly triple your battery life. Even the heaviest users should have no problem getting a full, worry-free day using this ZeroLemon case. More typical users should expect at least two days, if not more.

Not only will this battery case keep your phone charged through hard times, it will keep it safe too. The TPU material is built to withstand drops and whatever other mayhem you might subject your Galaxy S9/S9+ to.

ZeroLemon is also offering a belt clip add-on to make your phone and case combo even more functional. It can even double as a sort of kickstand, as you can see in the image above. The belt clip just snaps onto the battery case and the clip can rotate 360 degrees to any position you like. If you snap over the screen side of the phone, you can even get a little bit of extra protection that way.

You can get the ZeroLemon 8000 mAh battery case for the S9 and S9+ at Amazon for just $59.99 (link to S9, S9+). The belt clip is also available for $9.99 at Amazon (link to S9, S9+).

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