Wyze released its first smart camera, the Wyze Cam, just last year. It was (and still is) a crazy bargain: 20 bucks for a stationary, 1080p, connected security camera that can see in the dark. Now the company has announced an even better version for just $10 more. The Wyze Cam Pan does everything the Wyze Cam does and then some for $30.

As its name implies, the Wyze Cam Pan can pan (and tilt) its lens, which allows it to see 360 degrees horizontally and 93 degrees vertically from one location. That motorized action also allows the camera to automatically track motion within its field of view. It's got microphones and speakers for live two-way audio, and six LED sensors to enable night vision.

Like its older brother, the Wyze Cam Pan saves recorded clips of detected motion online for 14 days (for free), and allows continuous recording to an inserted MicroSD card, where newer footage continually erases older footage. The whole experience is controlled via the Wyze app. There's IFTTT integration, too, so if you want the lights to turn on (or pretty much anything else to happen) when your camera sees movement, you can automate that.

And, again, this thing is $30. Is it weird to impulse-buy a security camera?

Developer: Wyze Labs Inc.
Price: Free+