Back at I/O in May, Google revealed a bunch of features for Lens—some of which were already being tested in some form, but all of which were pretty slick. Based on a mixture of recent reports, our own experiences, and Google's recent tweets, the new features Google described should have arrived on most compatible phones as of yesterday. The snazzy new functionality in Lens includes real-time detection, Smart Text selection, and a new white UI.

We've covered the rollout for the various new Lens features quite a few times. Google's been slowly deploying these Lens-related tweaks over the last month or two, and the duration of that testing can make it a bit difficult to pinpoint precisely when individual features landed. But as of yesterday, they should almost all be present the next time you fire up Lens. Probably, anyway. (The always-present YMMV applies to everything Google.)

For a quick overview of Lens' different features, Google has a nice list you can peruse describing various bits of functionality and potential use cases. Feel free to fire up Lens (activate Assistant with either squeeze or home button long-press and tap the camera-looking icon at the bottom right) and play around with all the new stuff. It's a good day for a walk.