Google's pop-up marketing might be limited in scope, but it seems like fun. Last year Google did a donut-related promotion that saw the company giving away bags containing either a pair of the baked goods or a Google Home Mini. Now residents or visitors in New York, Chicago, LA, and Atlanta will be able to enjoy some good old-fashioned Google Home Mini Golf. (Get it? Home Mini, Mini Golf?)

Details are sparse, but google describes it as a "voice (and putter) activated journey," so there may be a bit more to the course than simply tapping a ball around. Odds are, it should show off some of the company's Assistant-powered hardware features in one way or another.

The schedule for Google's US golf tour is as follows:

  • New York, May 30 - June 4
  • Chicago, June 14 - June 17
  • Los Angeles, June 30 - July 5
  • Atlanta, July 26 - July 29

Odds for prizes are as follows (Thanks: Marty McWong):

  • Number of Google Home Minis available to be won: 720 for NY and LA, 480 for Chicago and Atlanta – approx. 120 per day
  • Number of Google Home Max units available to be won: six (6) – approx. 1 per day.

Full terms and conditions for the prize promotion are available here. You can also RSVP for a specific location and time at the promotional site Google has for the mini golf events.

Happy putting.