Back at CES, lock maker Schlage said it was on track to add support for Google Assistant to its popular Sense Smart Deadbolt. The company didn't have a firm timeline for the release but said it would be in the first quarter of the year. Well, that clearly didn't happen. It is happening today, though. Schlage says Google Assistant is now supported on the Sense Smart Deadbolt, but some functions are still limited to the app.

The lock itself (around $200 on Amazon) uses Bluetooth to connect to nearby devices, but that won't work with Google Assistant. You need the separate Schlage Sense WiFi hub (another $70) to connect the lock to your network. At that point, you can add Schlage Sense to your Assistant devices and configure it for voice commands.

Schlage says you can lock the door ("OK Google, lock my door") and check the status ("OK Google, is my door locked?"). That's it, though. You cannot unlock the device by voice, which is a common security limitation for doors and locks with Assistant or Alexa integration. There's an official app from Schlage with lock/unlock, scheduling, and more.

Press Release

CARMEL, IND (May 29, 2018) – Schlage, maker of stylish and innovative door hardware, today announced an enhancement to its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio: compatibility with Google Home for the critically-acclaimed Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. This integration demonstrates Schlage’s commitment to offering homeowners the best user experience possible alongside more than 95 years of experience in the safety and security industry.

Schlage’s Google Assistant compatibility was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, and now homeowners can access their Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt using Google Assistant. This functionality can be activated by saying, “OK Google, lock my door” or “OK Google, is my door locked?” The convenience of Google Assistant will also extend to Android™phones or the Google Assistant app on Apple® devices.

Using the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Google Assistant-enabled devices will require the Schlage Sense™ Wi-Fi Adapter (sold separately). The Wi-Fi Adapter allows iOS and Android smartphone users to gain remote access to their lock through the Schlage Sense app with no monthly fee required.

“Schlage has been at the forefront of IoT security solutions since launching the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt in 2014,” said Rob Martens, futurist at Allegion, the maker of Schlage® locks. “This new integration and functionality is a testament to our ongoing commitment to raise the bar for innovation, convenience and security and to support consumers’ choice of IoT platform.”

The multi-function Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt contains several convenient features that unlock the true power of a smart home by enabling homeowners to never worry about losing, hiding, carrying or forgetting keys, including:
·         Create and delete up to 30 unique access codes so trusted friends and family can enter using their codes at the lock’s touchscreen;
·         Schedule access codes so guests can only enter when you allow;
·         Pair with the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter to check on the lock’s status from anywhere, so you never have to wonder if the front door was left unlocked;
·         View past activity to see which codes have been used and when;
·         Update settings and check battery life; and
·         Graded Best in Residential Security, Durability and Finish from the Builders Hardware Manufactures Association (BHMA).