Advertising can get pretty stale these days, so it's always nice to see something different. ASUS took "different" and ran with it, throwing 89 ZenFone 5s on dancer Ian Eastwood to advertise the ZenFone 5/5z. The result is... quite the spectacle.

With his suit of 89 ZenFone 5s, the dancer does his thing in front of a display that looks like it's composed of 1,139 ZenFone 5s (17 phones tall by 67 phones wide, though it's more likely just a large display with notches and gaps made to look like it's composed of all phones). While he's doing this, specs are displayed to boast about the ZenFone 5's "AI cameras," 90% screen-to-body ratio, and so on. The video was created by Damian Kulash of the band OK Go, which is also where the background music comes from.

Have a look at the video if you haven't yet seen it. It's a sight to behold.