Back at Google I/O, we missed a little interesting nugget of information. It was quietly announced that Google Home and Home Mini will be launching in seven new countries during 2018: Denmark, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden. And it's Spain we're focusing on today as it seems like the launch is imminent in the country: both the Google Home and Home Mini were briefly posted on El Corte Inglés's website then removed, plus the site is also showing Google Wifi router 1-pack and 3-pack (those pages haven't been taken down yet).

Google Home is still only available in nine countries, and an expansion to Spain would mean not only a lot of potential new users but also support for the Spanish language on existing Google Homes (great if you imported one or if you live somewhere else and speak Spanish). Based on the pages briefly posted on El Corte Inglés, the Home (Google Webcache) will cost €149, the Home Mini (Webcache) will also be available in light grey and charcoal grey (Webcache) and cost €59. Those are exorbitant prices, but they're the same in Italy. Oh well, taxes and all. The shipping notice says it would be delivered to you before June 12, so we can expect a launch before then.

Google Wifi is more ubiquitous since it's already available in a whopping fourteen countries. El Corte Inglés is showing both the 1-pack and 3-pack available for €139 and €359, respectively. Those are also quite expensive, but they're the same across the Eurozone. As with the Homes, the Wifi is said to be delivered before June 12.

While this isn't confirmation of an exact availability date, it's quite close to one. We're keeping an eye out and will let you know when the products are officially available in the country. In the meantime, all you can do is twiddle your thumbs and wait.

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