Verizon's $13/month Total Mobile Protection is a nice way to ensure that you're not out several hundreds of dollars if you break or lose your phone. However, it can usually only be added within 30 days of a new device's purchase. But from time to time, Verizon will initiate an open enrollment period for Total Mobile Protection. The carrier opened one near the beginning of April, and it's going to expire in a week.

As long as your phone is under two years old, Verizon will let you enroll your Verizon phone until May 31st. With Total Mobile Protection, your $13/month will let you pay $89 for lost/broken deductibles and $29 for screen replacement deductibles. If you break or lose your phone internationally, you can get it replaced in many places, and you'll be reimbursed for cracked screen repairs overseas as well. It's worth noting that Total Mobile Protection over two years will add up to $312, which is enough for one (or even two) screen replacements. That being said, Total Mobile Protection might still be a good idea if you're extremely clumsy.

If you enroll in Total Mobile Protection by the 31st, Verizon is offering one of two free items: a Tile Mate (a Bluetooth tracking device) or a 17oz S'well stainless steel bottle. You still have a week to think it over, so take your time to decide whether you really need it.