BlackBerry teamed up with TCL a while back to produce Android phones, but the first few were just re-branded Alcatel devices. The KeyOne was the first truly "BlackBerry" phone to come out of the partnership, and a sequel is imminent. A teaser video from BlackBerry shows off some bits of the upcoming Key2, including the new dual-camera setup.

The video starts with a slow fade-in on the back of the phone, and there's that dual-camera array. We can't tell from the video what the second camera will do. Maybe it'll be telephoto or perhaps a wide-angle shooter? Hopefully, it does more than support portrait mode. Looking at you, OnePlus.

Around on the front of the phone, the video offers a glimpse of the keyboard. There's more separation between the key rows, and what's this? There's a new button on the keyboard, and BlackBerry sure wants to draw attention to the fact. It's glowing at the end of the video. We don't know what this is going to do, either. We'll know more on June 7th.