The apps for home security cameras and smart home devices are usually rough around the edges. While the Nest app isn't perfect, it's better than most of the competition by a wide margin. The way you can scan through your video timeline is especially good. Today, it's getting better still with support for timeline scrubbing in landscape view.

The changelog is straightforward—it's just this one item.

Experience the speed and convenience of Sightline in landscape view. Tap on the camera feed window and quickly scrub your Nest Cam history to find important moments, people, and events.

Sightline is Nest's name for the video history displayed in the app. In portrait, you get the video at the top of your screen and the timeline below that. A swipe up or down moves through your saved footage. As of the latest update, this feature also works in landscape mode. The video fills the screen, so the timeline is accessible off to the right edge of the screen. It only appears when you swipe up or down. This change is good for viewing on a phone in landscape, but it'll be a gamechanger for tablet users.

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free