Many of us obsessively check our packages' tracking info. Luckily, a lot less checking has to be done nowadays thanks to Amazon Prime, but oftentimes we just can't wait to get something cool we've ordered. Amazon seems to understand this widespread obsessiveness and has released Amazon Map Tracking, which allows you to check precisely where your Amazon package is at any point in time.

The feature officially debuted nationally back in late April, but it seems to be rolling out to a lot more people now. Brandon, a video maker for Android Police's YouTube channel, noticed this on mobile (it's also on the web) while checking to see where his hot peppers and Vitamin D supplements were. The interface gives an estimate on when to expect the package, how many stops away the driver is, and a map with markers showing where the truck is and where your house is. Artem and a tipster have seen this as well, but the markers were in the same place for some reason.

While the feature itself is very helpful, Brandon notes that Map Tracking could be maliciously used to see when neighbors are receiving packages, which could become a larger issue around the holidays. There's also the fact that we'll now all be watching our delivery drivers' every move like hawks.

Props to Amazon for implementing a feature that so many of us never knew we needed. Let us know if you've seen this with your Amazon orders.

Following our initial post, Amazon has confirmed to CNET that Map Rollout is now available for all packages in the US. Let the constant tracking checks begin!