New Android versions always add little quality of life tweaks, and Android P is no exception. We've had Developer Preview 2 for a couple of weeks, and we're still discovering things to like about it. Case in point: some of our intrepid readers have noted that the Battery Saver toggle stays on after charging.

Previously, Battery Saver would turn off when you plug your phone in, which makes sense—but it would stay off when unplugged again. That isn't necessarily what you'd always want; if, for example, you were only able to charge your phone from five to 15 percent, you'd be likely to turn the toggle back on when unplugging the phone.

The battery icon in the top-right changes from Saver to Charging and right back to Saver as the phone is plugged in and unplugged.

The mode still turns off when the phone is plugged in—restricted features like vibration are restored—but it automatically flips back on when the power source is cut. You can't turn Battery Saver on while the device is charging, though.

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