Alcatel is bringing the budget-friendly 3V to the U.S. next week for an attractive $149 price. This phone has many of the buzzword features, like face unlock and an 18:9 display, and more for that low, low price. It's unlocked and will work on GSM carriers.


Software Android 8.0 Oreo
Display 6" 2160 x 1080
CPU MediaTek MT8735A
Cameras 12MP+2MP rear, 5MP front
Battery 3,000mAh

TCL is quick to point out that the FHD+ display is actually manufactured in-house (in partnership with China Star Optoelectronics Technology, a sister company under the TCL umbrella), helping to keep costs down. Another cost-saving measure is the use of a MediaTek chip, but I'll reserve judgment until I see real-life performance. One of the most interesting elements of the 3V is its eye-catching design; TCL is proud of the 2.5D glass, and what it calls SIMGANIC design which offers a subtle curve and organic feel to the phone.

Biometric security is also important to TCL, and it includes both a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and Face Key (unlock), the latter supposedly recognizing your face in under half a second. The Alcatel 3V goes on sale next week on Amazon for $149, with availability at Best Buy and Walmart "in the coming weeks."

Press Release

IRVINE, Calif. - May 22, 2018 – TCL Communication is today introducing one of America’s
best smartphone values with the introduction of the Alcatel 3V. Featuring the company’s
latest 18:9 near bezel-less design, custom built 6-inch TCL 2K display, dual main-camera,
fingerprint sensor, Face Key biometric security and more, the Alcatel 3V is one of the
most advanced and feature-packed smartphones available for under $150. The Alcatel 3V
is carrier unlocked to support GSM networks and will be on-sale starting next week for
customers in the U.S. at Amazon [LINK] for $149.99.

“The Alcatel 3V reflects our continued commitment to making great mobile technology
available to everyone,” said Eric Anderson, General Manager of Alcatel North America.
“Now you can access elegant design and premium features like 2K displays, dual rear
cameras and facial recognition technology for a price that was previously unattainable to
smartphone customers on a budget.”


The Alcatel 3V is the first device in the U.S. to utilize Alcatel’s new SIMGANIC design,
which was introduced earlier this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This new
design philosophy, offers a balance of organic and simplicity from a human centric
perspective, and reflects a beginning for the evolution of Alcatel’s product portfolio. With
SIMGANIC design, the 3V is crafted with beautifully curved lines, sleek 2.5D contoured
edge glass, and curved backs, for a comfortable fit.

By leveraging parent company TCL’s award-winning display technology, Alcatel is able to deliver
high-quality custom panels to a much lower price point than competing devices. Because of
this, the Alcatel 3V includes an impressive 2K (2160x1080) screen in an 18:9 form factor,
allowing customers to watch high-resolution movies, browse the Internet easier, and connect
with friends and loved ones with social media more quickly and efficiently.


The Alcatel 3V uses a 12MP primary rear camera paired with a 2MP secondary depth
camera with LED flash, which produces greater depth of field and enables customers to
re-focus shots after they’re taken, resulting in beautiful images using real-time bokeh
effect. It also comes with 5MP front-facing cameras with LED flash for well-lit selfies, no
matter what time of day.

Alcatel also makes it easy for customers to take pictures and seamlessly share them with
friends and family. The Alcatel 3V comes with a suite of intuitive photo editing tools called
Social Mode, which will allow you to take, edit and share photos in a fun and more efficient way. With Social Square, you can review recently captured photos in one half of the screen,
while the camera viewfinder remains active in the other half. This enables customers to review
pictures as quickly as they take them, while making it possible to take new pictures at the same
time. Instant Collage lets you mash up your best shots into pre-set arrangements. Each section
of the collage is taken one-by-one using the camera viewfinder and shifts to the next shape as
you progress through the collage. Photo Booth brings back those nostalgic photo moments
from the fair or friends’ parties by taking four pictures in a row, one shot per second.


Another key experience featured in the Alcatel 3V is enhanced biometric security. In
addition to the built-in fingerprint sensor conveniently located on the back, the Alcatel 3V
comes with Face Key, a new level of facial recognition security that enables you to easily
unlock your device by simply glancing at the screen. In a process that takes less than half a
second, Face Key breaks down each facial scan into over a hundred data points to ensure a
more reliable match.

The Alcatel 3V is unlocked to GSM networks and will be available in the
U.S. in Spectrum Black for $149.99 on Amazon next week, rolling out to Best Buy and
Walmart stores in the coming weeks.

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