If there is one thing in this universe you can rely on, it's the constant stream of updates for Minecraft. Ever since Microsoft purchased the property, there has been a clear push to get this title on just about every platform out there, and it would seem the company has succeeded. So now that every single man woman and child on this planet can easily get their Minecraft fix on their preferred hardware, it would make sense that more content has to be released to keep the masses happy, so that is precisely what we are getting.

Here is an awkward discussion from last year between the lead creative designer Jens Bergensten and actor Will Arnett about the Update Aquatic.

Phase One of the Update Aquatic adds a slew of new maritime features to Minecraft such as nine new ocean-themed biomes, fish, shipwrecks, and swimming animations. So if you are a fan of nautical themes, this update is targeted towards you. But instead of me rambling on and painstakingly typing out every feature in a difficult to read paragraph, here are all of the new features that were already listed out neatly on the official Minecraft site.

New Features in 1.4:

  • Fish (salmon, cod, pufferfish, tropical fish)
  • Bucket of fish
  • Coral (coral, coral fans, coral blocks)
  • Kelp, Dried Kelp, Kelp Block
  • Dolphins (follow boats, get a boost swimming next to them)
  • Icebergs
  • Blue Ice
  • Nine Ocean Biomes (frozen, deep frozen, cold, deep cold, lukewarm, deep lukewarm, normal, deep normal, warm)
  • Underwater Ravines & caves
  • Sea grass
  • Sea pickle (w/ illumination! Up to 4 in a block - only light up underwater)
  • Shipwrecks
  • Treasure chests (in ruins, shipwrecks)
  • Ruins
  • Swimming
  • Treasure Map
  • Buried Treasure
  • Heart of the Sea in buried treasure chests (non-active)
  • Trident
  • Trident enchantment
  • Stripped Logs
  • Buttons, Trap Doors, Pressure Plates with variation
  • Carved Pumpkins
  • Floating Items
  • Boat Polish (smoother control)
  • 8 new achievements
  • Water has a completely new look and increased visibility while underwater
  • Prismarine Stairs and Slabs
  • New swimming animation while sprinting in water
  • Minecraft: Education Edition Chemistry features can now be enabled under Cheats! For tips on getting started, check out the Chemistry Lab Journal

Of course, the 1.4 update isn't the only Minecraft news worth mentioning today as Mojang has also released their beta, which you can join right here. This brings with it a bunch of bug fixes along with a few experimental features. These are mainly added in to beta releases for the purpose of receiving early feedback from players. For the full list of what to expect, please read the bulleted list below.

New Features in beta

  • Sea Turtles
  • Sea Turtle Eggs
  • Scute and Turtle Shell items
  • Potion of the Turtle Master
  • And several Bug Fixes!

As you can see it's been a busy few days for Mojang with both the recent 1.4 update and beta all landing at the same time. Interestingly these updates aren't the only planned Update Aquatic content coming to the title. Phase Two has yet to land and will bring with it the remaining features missing from the Phase One 1.4 release. Obviously, Mojang is still testing out some of their ideas in the beta, so it's not entirely clear what we should expect from Phase Two, but if history is anything to go by I'm sure it will be great.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $7.49+