Duolingo has updated its Android app to add three new languages: Czech, Klingon, and High Valyrian. All three were already supported on the web version of the service: High Valyrian launched in July of 2017, Czech eight months ago, and Klingon only this past March. But now they're accessible on mobile as well.

So if you're travelling to beautiful Prague soon, you plan on moving to the Czech Republic for a while, or you just want to learn the language so you can lament the absence of perennial Petr Čech from the upcoming World Cup in his native tongue, you can now do so from the comfort of your smartphone.

As for the other two languages, well, I suppose some people have enough free time on their hands to want to learn Klingon on the off-chance that the events of Star Trek: Discovery become real, or High Valyrian in case they're called to consult on the next Game of Thrones script. But Rita, the fanfics, who will write all the fanfics?! Alright, I'm not criticizing, I'm just amused by the dedication, that's all. If you're interested, you know what to do.


Qapla'! Don't wait for winter to come - Czech out our latest courses on mobile.

(Translation: Czech, Klingon and High Valyrian are now available on Android!)

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