The OnePlus 6 was finally unveiled about 12 hours ago after quite a bit of shameless self-leaking, and it seems like a pretty solid phone. But how will its glass sandwich design hold up in daily use? JerryRigEverything got his hands on one to find out, and the phone did relatively well.

Zack (not Jerry) starts off with the typical Mohs' pick tests after peeling off the preinstalled screen protector. As expected, the OnePlus 6's Gorilla Glass 5 begins scratching at level 6, with level 7 making much deeper marks. The (extremely small) earpiece does scratch from a razor blade, but it stays put even when messed around with. The painful screeching noises of the razor on metal indicate that the entire frame (top, bottom, sides) is metal, as are the power and volume buttons and alert slider. Zack notes a thin plastic layer between the glass and metal that should aid with durability when the phone is dropped. Out back, the fingerprint sensor and camera don't scratch at all from the razor.

Finally, we get to the main two events: the burn test and the bend test. The OnePlus 6's AMOLED panel survives about 20 seconds of the flame before being permanently marred, which isn't unexpected. On the other hand, the bend test actually produces some interesting results. The phone bends by a pretty noticeable amount, but no cracks or kinks appear even when lots of force is applied. Zack suspects that the previously-mentioned plastic layer is helping the glass stay crack-free, which doesn't seem out of the question.

You can watch the full video, complete with painful scratching sounds, via the embed above or the source link below.