It seemed like the microSD slot was becoming a dying breed in smartphones just a few years ago, but almost every phone on the market nowadays has expandable storage. On top of that, storage keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. Case in point: this 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card is down to an all-time low of $159.99, a full $90 off retail, on Amazon.

The 400GB Ultra is a Class 10 (U1/A1) card, and it's advertised to have 100MB/s transfer speeds. 400GB is basically the most storage you'll find in a microSD form factor without paying astronomical amounts of money; 512GB cards are out there, but they're pricey and far and few between. Even for media junkies, 400GB should be more than enough.

If you'd like one, hit the source link below. Same-day shipping is free for Prime members, which is rare to see. Amazon is also offering up to 20% off on other SanDisk USB drives, microSD cards, and more; you can view all of them here. Bear in mind that these deals are for today only, so don't wait too long if you're interested.

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