In keeping with the theme of doing things for you (see: machine learning-assisted adaptive brightness), Android P on Pixel 2 may introduce options to automate even more settings. The good people at XDA Developers have found evidence that the color calibration page will eventually feature an "automatic" option and that there will be settings suggestions that toggle certain settings based on your routines.

The Settings APK from Android P's second developer preview contains strings that mention the "Automatic" color profile setting, with the descriptor text "Adjust between vivid and accurate colors." It's not clear how the automatic adjustment would work, but it's easy to imagine colors getting a boost while something like a game is open, then coming back down to a more realistic palette for tasks like photo editing.

Settings Suggestions is an app that's already included in DP2—you can find it by searching "suggestions" in settings. It doesn't currently do anything, but one of the toggles XDA found was the option to switch on Bluetooth automatically while driving. Other strings show options like automatically adjusting ringer volume at certain times.

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