In a not-so-distant future, you'll be able to control everything with your Google Home and Assistant. No sooner did we discover seven new device types supported directly by it (A/Cs, air purifiers, fans, coffee makers, kettles, ovens, sprinklers) than we learned about even more devices being added shortly, sometime in 2018. The news came from an I/O session where the Actions on Google team dumped the above slide with all the planned device types.

And if you're thinking, "crap, that's a lot of smart home stuff!" then yeah you're right. There are the unsurprising additions like blinds, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, set top boxes (we know Logitech and DISH are coming soon), speakers (would this be a sign of Sonos support?), TVs (the ones that are not Android TVs or Chromecasts), but look closely. There's a weird "Chargers" device type, and two even more peculiar ones at the end. One is "Tubs" and number two is "Toilets." Oh shit.

Look, it's weird. The mere mention of making a toilet smart makes us flush. But that isn't stopping companies like Kohler from building them. Soon, you may be able to ask Assistant on your phone or Google Home to heat the seat before you go rest your tush on it, or to play Rump Shaker while you relieve yourself. And it will all be directly integrated, none of that "Ask Toilet_brand to ..." waste, you just ask Google.

Below is the relevant discussion from I/O where the Actions on Google team mentions these new device types, though I'd recommend you watch the entire panel if you're interested in smart home stuff. There are lots of explanations about upcoming capabilities to the APIs, including object detection followed by push notifications, and state reporting. The entertainment and set top box capabilities are explained toward the rear end too. But it's too bad there are no more details about the device traits of toilets and tubs. I'm bummed.

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