If you’re a Nova Launcher fan running the second Android P Developer Preview, you may have noticed that the two don’t play nicely together and temporarily switched to another launcher. Now you can switch back because the latest Nova update is here to quash those compatibility issues.

Nova has been working with Android P DP2, but it could be temperamental. Many users discovered that its app drawer was blank or didn’t load properly when using certain configurations. The only fixes were fiddly workarounds that meant changing your launcher settings, and they didn’t work for everyone.

It is believed the problem could be related to the way in which Android P handles certain UI functions. For instance, under previous versions of Android, the recent apps interface was contained within SystemUI; now it is contained within the Pixel Launcher in Android P DP2. Disabling the Pixel Launcher using root access forces the old recent apps UI to be loaded instead.

Now, Nova Launcher fans don’t have to worry about this. The app’s latest update, version 5.5.4, fixes Android P DP2 compatibility issues so that everything works just as you would expect. It also promises other minor fixes and optimizations for all users — not just those running Android P. You can download the update from the Play Store right away.

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Nova Launcher
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