Tired of paying your Amazon Store Card bill by hand like a cave person? A new Alexa skill lets you manage your account—performing tasks like checking your balance, reviewing recent transactions, and paying your bill—by talking to your Echo device or app.

The Store Card skill will allow you to do pretty much anything with your card you'd otherwise do with traditional online account management. Amazon suggests trying the following phrases:

• "I want to pay my credit card bill."
• "Did my payment go through"
• "When is my payment due"
• "What is my minimum payment"
• "What did I recently buy"
• "What did I last buy"
• "How much money have I spent lately"
• "What is my recent activity"
• "What is my account summary"
• "How much available credit do I have"
• "What were my previous charges"
• "I need help”


Whether or not managing your account by voice is more convenient is subjective, but telling your digital assistant to pay a bill for you is at least novel. The new skill is available now.