Some Google apps get new features tied to updated versions, but others seem to spawn new things at random intervals when Google deems it appropriate. YouTube TV is one of the latter, and today's new feature is "voice remote." You don't need an app update, but you also can't access voice remote yet unless you are chosen by the Google.

Voice remote shows up as a floating action button in the app, allowing you to control YouTube TV by issuing commands. For example, you can say "go back to my last channel" or "Play NBC." You can also skip around in recorded programs and control the volume by voice.

This feature is particularly interesting because a voice remote support page popped up several months ago. We never saw the feature appear in the app, but we've been tipped that it has finally started rolling out. You'll see a popup in the app alerting you to the presence of voice remote when it's available on your account. Until then, you'll just have to stare longingly at the screenshots.

YouTube TV: Live TV & more
YouTube TV: Live TV & more
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