More and more people are buying smart security cameras these days, and if you haven't yet joined the wave, now might be the right time to. For today only, Home Depot is offering discounts of over 20% on three unique Nest Cam bundles at different price points. There are some good deals to be had here.

First up is the Nest Cam Indoor IQ and Cam Outdoor combo, which has been discounted from $498 to $398. We've seen better deals for each camera that add up to less than $398, but never at the same time, so this is still a solid deal. If you're looking for more quantity, Home Depot is offering a four-pack (two Cam Indoors, two Cam Outdoors) for $597, down from $746. Again, this isn't the greatest deal we've ever seen, but it's the best out there right now.

Lastly, a two-pack containing the Nest Cam Indoor and the Nest Protect smoke alarm is down to $250 from $318. Shipping is free. All of these deals are set to expire in about 15 hours at publishing time, so don't wait if you're interested. Home Depot is limiting purchases of each bundle to five, but chances are you're not buying that many anyway.