Unless you've been living under a digital rock, you're probably aware that Google's yearly I/O developer conference was just earlier this week. At the event Google showed off a variety of new services and plans, covering a range from the immediately available Android P developer preview 2, to the coming Google Duplex—not to be confused with Google's other Duplex, of course.

If you tuned in or followed the news, we're curious: Which of Google's announcements from this year's I/O was your favorite?

If you haven't had a chance to catch up on the news or view the full Keynote, you can check out our roundup for the event or simply watch Google's own 10-minute summary, included for your convenience just below:

Personally, I'm a fan of the newly released and revealed Android P stuff—we are the Android Police, after all. But the upcoming Duplex for Assistant-powered phone calls looks pretty snazzy as well, and I know I'm going to use the new custom Assistant Routines.

It's tough to boil down everything that was shown off into a few categories, but based on the options provided below, which of the things from this year's I/O most got you excited?

What was your favorite reveal from this year's I/O?

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