The Google Home Mini is probably the best value smart speaker you can buy. Not only do you get a fully-fledged Assistant experience, but you get okay sound out of it, too. Last Christmas, they went on sale for $30 each, which basically made them an impulse buy. Costco has had a 3-pack for a while now, which dipped down to $100 not too long ago (which was already a great deal). Now, you can pick up this bundle for a measly $80, almost half of what you would spend to buy three Home Minis separately at their $49 MSRP.

At $80, each speaker comes out to roughly $27 a piece, less than the awesome sale last year. Unfortunately, this deal is limited to Costco members — but even with signing up for a membership ($55) and buying this bundle, you'd still spend almost the same as buying three Home Minis separately once you factor in taxes.

Assistant is getting better and better. Just check out the new stuff that Google is adding to it, not to mention the slew of third-party integrations. If you haven't picked up a Home Mini yet, now's your chance to fill your home with them, in Charcoal or Chalk, for a ridiculously low price (just don't be like me and run out of rooms in which to place smart speakers). Hurry, though, because Costco says that this deal expires today, May 12, while supplies last.