For passionate Android fans, there are few times of year that are happier than when we're glued to our screens reading all the news, watching all the streaming sessions, and catching up on everything that's happening at Google I/O. The past few days have kept us seriously busy with the Android P beta, to say nothing of updates for other Google services. But even with all these heavy-duty distractions going on, we still had an eye out for the best new deals and offers to land. In case you missed them first time around, here are some of our favorite ways to save a little money this week.

Logitech Circle 2 security cameras: $40 to $50 off

If you haven't yet upgraded your home with some connected security cameras, what are you waiting for? While some other smart-home products may be a difficult sell for certain shoppers, it's hard not to find something to like about the peace of mind you get knowing your valuables are safe and secure. We were already pretty taken with the quality of the Circle 2 models, and seeing both the wired and wireless units discounted like this only makes them that much more attractive.

Monument Valley: Cheap as free

We see dozens of apps go on sale every week, and this one isn't even a hot new release. So why so excited? Even though Monument Valley's been around the block a few times, we're still drawn to its intuitive puzzle structure, beautiful design, and content that's appropriate for the whole family. In this modern age of smartphone and tablet gaming, Monument Valley really does stand out as one of the true classics, and while we've seen it on sale many times before, you can't beat free. If you still need to install this one for yourself, the deal lasts another four days.

Pixel 2: BOGO + loads of Google freebies

If one deal is good, two deals are better, right? Here we've got a bit of a perfect storm of savings, as the Verizon's Mother's Day buy-one-get-one offer combines with a price cut on the Pixel 2, as well as a number of added Google incentives. You'll walk away from this one with two Pixel 2 handsets, paying just under $23 a month for the pair (a total of about $550 over the course of two years), and also pick up a free Google Home Mini, free Chromecast, and two free months of YouTube TV.

Fossil Q Gen 3 Smartwatches: Up to $76 off

We were hoping to get some fresh smartwatch news out of I/O this year, and while we did hear a little about tweaks coming to the platform, new hardware was nowhere to be seen. As we wait for the next chapter in Wear OS watches, you can save a little cash on some currently available models, and right now Amazon's got a variety of discounts on Fossil's Q-series devices. As is pretty par for the course with Amazon, the prices have changed a little since we initially shared this deal with you — some have gotten a tad more expensive, while others have been discounted even further — so click around through the list of available models to see if one doesn't hit that style/savings sweet spot for you.