Samsung's Oreo updates have been slow to appear, but what else is new? The company promised it was almost done with Oreo updates a few weeks back, and T-Mobile said its Note 8 update was all set. However, you might have noticed your Tmo Note 8 is still running Nougat. That's because T-Mobile pulled the update three weeks ago shortly after announcing it. Oops.

The update started on April 1st, but T-Mobile apparently halted the OTA on the 3rd. The support page was only just updated with a notice that the update is "Temporarily on hold" and was "Paused" on April 3rd. So, if you didn't get the OTA in that very short window, it's unclear when you'll see it.

When a carrier pulls an update like this, it usually means a last-minute bug popped up. Still a three-week delay? That seems serious... it seems like the sort of thing T-Mobile should have caught in testing. We were specifically promised no April Fools, Des. This is starting to feel like an April Fools joke.

It's coming back

T-Mobile has updated its page again, indicating the Note 8 update is back on.

Android 8.0Baseband version:N950USQU3CRD7 | May 13, 2018 at 10 PM PT | Android 8.0 (Oreo) OS update

Bug fixes and software improvements | If your device meets the update requirements, this update will be available to you to download. To prevent network congestion, updates are briefly set on a scheduled daily limit. If that limit is reached, check back again the next day, when the daily limit is lifted.

The date of May 13th suggests the OTA won't begin rolling out until Sunday. Keep an eye out.

The update has officially started rolling out again. Thanks, George Heymann!