Google's cute little AI camera, Clips, was made to take pictures at opportune times without human oversight. Previously, it was restricted to triggering at things like faces and poses. Now, though, Google has updated the device to recognize a few new scenarios you may want clips of, as well as pair with more than one phone to more easily share those clips with multiple people.

With the recent update, Clips gains the ability to recognize when subjects are hugging, kissing, dancing, or jumping, and start recording at those triggers. "It’s all about the little moments and emotions that you can't stage or coordinate ahead of time," Google says. This, of course, is all made possible by a healthy dose of machine learning.

Working with the knowledge that Clips is often used by families who have more than one person interested in the photos the device takes, Google has also released a new version of the Clips app that lets users pair the camera with multiple devices in what the company calls "family pairing." You can get that new version at APK Mirror.