We've seen a lot of important news over the past few days during Google I/O, but we know all you really care about it when Unicode is going to introduce a falafel emoji. You'll be pleased to see it's one of the candidates for the Emoji 12.0 update due in the first quarter of next year.

Among the 104 candidates, there are "mechanical" (prosthetic) arms and legs, a pinching hand, a guide dog, and a rather adorable looking little otter. There are also a few new clothing items, such as a sari and ballet shoes; some more food-related options, including an onion, some garlic, and a waffle; plus several less exciting ones like colored circles and squares.

Unicode will gather feedback before reviewing and finalizing the new emoji ahead of release in 2019, so for now, we'll have to just cross our fingers that our favorites will be part of the new batch. I'm personally ecstatic that my spirit animal, the sloth, finally has a chance of being included. It's the most pressing oversight as far as I'm concerned.

Since we reported on the 130 additions in the Emoji 11.0 beta list, a few more were added. Extra hair color combinations joined sewing, knitting, and skateboarding to bring the total of new emoji released in 2018 up to 161.