Xiaomi has been working on smart home products for some time now, but the company announced that it will be adding Assistant support soon. But, in equally interesting news, it also said it will be launching some of those here in the U.S. in the near future.

The first items up for support will be the Mi Bedside Lamp, Mi LED Smart Bulb, and Mi Smart Plug. Though "soonTM" is vague and non-specific, at least those of you who use Xiaomi's smart home products can rest easy that you'll soon be able to control them through Assistant.

Of equal importance, however, is the mention of a U.S. launch. Xiaomi sells a few products here in the States, though none of them are phones. Despite abounding rumors that we'll see Mi and Redmi devices in America, Xiaomi is taking baby steps. I can't honestly say that I blame them, what with the paranoia about Chinese companies and all.

We'll be keeping a close eye out for this smart home U.S. launch, don't you worry. For now, at least we know it's coming.