Google and YouTube are interested in your "Digital Wellbeing," according to announcements made during the Keynote at this year's I/O. To that end, YouTube is implementing two new features: Notification digest and break reminders. Between the two, you should be able to cut down on notification spam and better monitor the time you spend watching videos. 

The break reminders popped up in our recent APK Teardown for YouTube v13.16, and they should help binge-watchers better keep an eye on their video consumption habits. The new notifications digest is able to trim down all your various notifications from the day into one, saving precious space in that notification tray, and saving you time if you'd rather review them all at once.

Both of these new features will be coming to YouTube this week.

These features are starting to go live in YouTube now. I can see both the scheduled digest and option to disable sounds and vibrations, while out tipster (thanks, Johny Hongkong!) can see break reminders. This feature requires YouTube version 13.17.55 to work (APK Mirror), but it's also server-side triggered so you may not see it despite having the correct version installed.

To find them, go to YouTube's settings and look for General > Remind me to take a break. You can set it to never, or every 15, 30, 60, 90, and 180 minutes.

For the other two, you need to go to YouTube's settings then Notifications and look for both Scheduled digest at the top and Disable sounds & vibrations at the bottom. The first one lets you set an hour of the day to get a bundle of all your YouTube notifications at once, and the latter lets you disable all sounds and vibrations coming from YouTube between two times every day.

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