I think it's safe to say that gesture navigation in Android P's DP2 is quite divisive. Ever since it was leaked yesterday then officially announced, we've seen a variety of reactions going from complete disdain to an all-out welcoming embrace. Gestures are still an option, so if you don't like them, you can disable them. But if you do enjoy them and are just a little bit annoyed by a couple of their shortcomings, we have discovered two solutions to their most glaring problems.

First up, you may have noticed that swiping up on the home button on the homescreen no longer shows the app drawer immediately. Instead, you get the app switcher first, then another swipe up shows the app drawer. This two-step process is annoying, but it can be circumvented by swiping high up. If you stop your swipe toward the bottom third of the screen, the app switcher will open, but if you carry it toward the middle of the screen, the app drawer expands. It takes some getting used to, but it works. However, this is only possible on the homescreen. If you try a long swipe up in any other app, you'll still get the app switcher.

In the animation below, you'll see me pull up and collapse the app drawer directly twice with a long swipe, then when I only reach the bottom third of the screen, I pull up the app switcher.

The second tip lets you bring back the alt-tab behavior that was accessible by double tapping Recents / Overview. Since the Overview button disappears with gesture navigation turned on, you can no longer double tap it to switch back to the previous app. Instead, a swift swipe on the home button to the right side does the trick. (Thanks, Zac Kew-Dennis!)

In the animation below, you'll see how a slow swipe of the home button to the right side lets me see all open apps and switch between them, but a fast swipe quickly moves to the previous app. Swipe quickly again and I'm back to the first app. I flip-flop several times between the Clock and Suggestions (Settings) to show how easy it is to switch between them.

I don't think I'm still fully convinced by the gesture navigation on Android P's DP2, but I think these two tricks have helped me find back my footing and hate them just a little less.