Android P DP1 introduced a lot of new features to messaging notifications like smart replies and inline photos, but there's one change that we didn't really notice until now. When you reply to a notification on Android P, it doesn't get dismissed immediately after, it stays there so you can send multiple replies and then dismiss when you want.

Again, this was already there in Developer Preview 1, but it's worth pointing out still. I noticed it right after I flashed the P beta and got a WhatsApp notification. I replied and the notification was still there so I was able to send another reply. Huh?! What kind of sorcery is that, I thought? I tried again with a few apps and all exhibited the same behavior. That's a nice departure from Android Oreo and before where the moment you hit send on your quick reply, it was sent and the notification disappeared. You couldn't add anything or even open the conversation easily. With P, you can.

Below is an animation showing it in action on a notification from Hangouts, but it should be the case with any app that supports the Quick Reply API.

Conversing just got a little bit easier with Android P, and I like it.

As pointed out by several commenters, the option to not dismiss the notification was added in Android N (API Level 24), however back then it was the developer's choice to use it or not. Some apps like Android Messages did. With Android P, it looks like it's now the default behavior.