This year's Google I/O may not be introducing fancy new hardware, or hitting us with a suite of novel apps, but there is still a lot, lot, lot going on. From impressive enhancements to existing services, to giving us our latest look at Android's next big release, there's no shortage of developments to catch up on. If you're strapped for time and interested in a quick brief on what you've missed, Google's got a highlight reel featuring all the bullet points from this year's keynote.

We're scrambling to bring you all the I/O 2018 news as it breaks, and while we like to think we're doing a pretty decent job, we're also not about to fault you for wanting to get some of your info straight from the horse's mouth. If you missed the keynote live stream, you could always check out the recording on YouTube, but that's going to take the better part of two hours to sit through.

While hearing every little detail is going to appeal to particularly dedicated Google fans, that's not an insignificant time commitment. Don't love the sound of that? Take a gander at Google's supercut, with all the I/O 2018 keynote goodness boiled down to a much more digestible 10-minute version.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll bond with the all-too-human-sounding Duplex-powered Assistant and its predilection for dropping “uh”s and “um”s all over the place. Check it all out for the first time, or refresh your memory with a quick recap: