Official announcer voice: We interrupt this gripping live coverage of Google I/O and Android P news for a very important public service announcement. Dead Zebra is making new Android Mini figurines! Crowd erupts in cheer.

We know these are just for show. We know they're practically a bit of a money waste. But we can't help but love Dead Zebra's Android Mini figurines. They look so cool, and box after the other, there's something new and enticing to discover. If I lived in the US and didn't have to pay for shipping to forward them over to Lebanon, I'd probably grab a couple from every set available.

But I digress. The real news here is that Andrew Bell is back with another full set of figurines dubbed "Robot Revolution." And a revolution this is. There are fifteen different designs and some secret ones, plus everything is remixable so you can put one Mini's head on top of another's body, or change hands between the two, or go completely crazy and pile up several Mini's bodies on top of each other. This can lead to special and weird designs like the ones below.

The collection hasn't gone up for sale yet, but it will be available tomorrow, May 10, at 11am ET. As always, you can pick from a random blind box containing one 3" figurine, or you can order multiple, or even go all-in and grab an entire box of sixteen. Just because you can, though, doesn't mean you should - you've got to leave some money for food. Unless you can totally afford sixteen or don't need to eat, then by all means, go crazy.