Android P is introducing some changes to the way battery life is handled. We've already reported how the battery saver no longer turns the status and nav bars orange, and told you about the new Adaptive battery setting announced yesterday. But DP2 brought with it one small modification that seems a little like change for the sake of change.

The low-battery notification is different between Android P DP1 and DP2. Gone is the red color, and the text has been re-arranged and rephrased. The battery percentage is moving from the start of the sentence to the end, and between parenthesis no less (why?!). The text doesn't tell how many minutes you have left, but instead says at what time your phone's battery will likely die.

I'm not sure I like this change. It's small, but knowing I have 30 minutes left is easier to understand at a glance than knowing my phone will power off at 11pm then looking at the clock and doing the math to deduce how much time I still have left.

We hadn't noticed it earlier, but Android P DP2 is actually now using this syntax of "should last until about _time_" instead of "about _duration_ left" for reporting battery life everywhere. That includes the main settings screen and the battery settings, and shows up regardless of the percentage remaining. (Thanks, u/jrdnkasparek!)


Battery settings in Android P DP1 (left) vs DP2 (middle). DP2 main settings (right).