In the new Android P Developer Preview, Google added a new API for biometric authentication. Dubbed BiometricPrompt, uninspiring as that may seem, this new API replaces the FingerprintDialog that we got in the last DP. Instead of being limited to one method of confirming a user, BiometricPrompt has support for face, iris, and even in-display fingerprint sensors.

The prompt that displays obviates the need for developers to include their own authentication popups. All it takes is a single permission, USE_BIOMETRIC, which covers all biometrics that the device supports. All of this to say, Google is pushing for a unified aesthetic for authenticating a purchase or logging into an app.

Devs, if you've already implemented the FingerprintManager, Google urges you to transition to BiometricPrompt quickly, since the former (and its corresponding USE_FINGERPRINT permission) is now deprecated.