The big news today is all from Google I/O today, but that's not all we have to talk about. The developer dashboard has also gotten an update with new platform distribution numbers. So, Oreo is huge now, right? No, it's at a modest 5.7% usage share. That's up from just under 5% last time. That's behind Nougat's pace last year.

Here's a breakdown of this month's numbers.

Oreo versions are up a little more than one point in total, which isn't necessarily bad. However, Nougat hit 7.1% last year at this time. Android 7.1 is also up slightly this month, and everything else is down or flat. Those older versions are stubbornly sticking around. Someone out there is still using Gingerbread.

Presumably, Treble will make Android P a bit faster next time. It should at least, theoretically, mean OEMs can update their devices faster. We can only hope.