Over the past few days, we've covered an issue with the Harmony Hub not being able to control Sonos speakers' volume properly, which was followed by a fix with firmware 4.15.100. As it turns out, the issue occurred because Logitech may have rushed to release firmware version 4.15.96 for the hub to patch a vulnerability discovered by FireEye.

As more and more devices in our home become connected, the issue of security and vulnerability comes up again and again. FireEye, a cyber security company, had discovered one of these with the Harmony Hub, where the device could be exploited and root access gained via SSH. Since Harmony connects to multiple devices around the house, this could open a door for the hacker to control and exploit those as well.

FireEye reported the issue to Logitech in January of 2018 and the company worked with them to release a firmware in April 10 that patches the exploit. That was version 4.15.96. If you've still not updated your hub, you should do so now to make sure you're safe. And if you own a Sonos speaker and this firmware causes you any issue, you need to request v4.15.100 as explained in our previous post.