Three years ago, Google paid $25 million for exclusive rights to the '.app' top-level web domain. At long last, the company is now opening up registrations for .app, with the Early Access Program in full swing. The general public will have to wait until May 8, but various companies have already bought over 3,000 .app domains.

With just about every common name and phrase already registered under .com, other top-level domains like .io and .fm have become more popular in recent years. Google's .app TLD is appealing not just because it has plenty of untaken phrases (at least for now), but also because it's easy to remember. Interestingly, .app sites are required to use HTTPS, which Google says is "helping move the web to an HTTPS-everywhere future in a big way."

Google has set up to help you search for available domains. You'll have to wait until May 8 to buy one for yourself, but they should only cost around $20/year.

As expected, general public registration is now live. Go grab all the .app domains you want from your registrar of choice - they only cost $14/yeart!